Pastor & wife for over 30 years, missionaries in Arequipa, Peru

Scott & Leslie serve as independent missionaries at the Casa Hogar where Scott helps with the daily operations at the Home. They spend quality time with these girls who have been separated from their families and face difficult issues. They give Biblical counsel, help with homework, and help them enjoy being children again. They inspire them to dream of a better future while building healthy, long-lasting relationships. Even after leaving the Home, many of the girls still reach out to them.

The Hargrove’s have helped to provide the communication and financial connection with people around the world since 2011. They raise funds for Casa Hogar Torre Fuerte, for ARISE Perú, and for their own living expenses to help meet the many needs.



The Torre Fuerte home cares for around 30 girls, and employs ten people on a regular basis.
ARISE Perú is seeking to support every girl from the Torre Fuerte home that has the capacity and the will to continue with her studies.
And the Hargroves receive no salary from either of these ministries, believing that it is best and most honest for the money raised for the ministries to go to those ministries. They raise their support separately.
Nearly all of the funds to support these needs come from the USA, with some from Canada and Europe, as well. The fundraising connection must be someone who speaks English.


From fixing pipes, electrical connections, leaky faucets and solar water heater panels – to fixing the computer network, eliminating computer viruses, and repairing printers. There’s always something that needs fixing, so if you come to visit and have the skills and the desire to help, we’ll find a project for you.

Pastoral counseling

Pastor Scott, a pastor for over 30 years, has extensive experience in pastoral counseling and Biblical guidance. He works with the Torre Fuerte girls in conjunction with the full time female Christian psychologist.


While Pastor Dario Quintana, the founder of the Torre Fuerte home, is the Director of the Torre Fuerte home, he delegates many responsibilities to Pastor Scott, even leaving him in charge when he travels.
Discipline of the girls, staff problems, purchases, and general day to day decision making are all part of the mix.


It’s a real challenge to try to teach the history of Perú, but other subjects, like Mathematics and especially English are subjects that an American missionary can teach. Even a little Spanish grammar, vocabulary, and spelling is needed at times.
Pastor Scott has even helped teach English at the girls’ High School and, along with his son who is an English teacher, taught a large group of Peruvian English teachers in a special conference in 2019.


associate pastor

2011 – Present

Casa Hogar Torre Fuerte

senior pastor

1992 – 2011

Chelan Church of the Nazarene
Chelan, WA


1988 – 1992

Chelan Church of the Nazarene
Chelan, WA

Youth leader

1985 – 1988

Chelan Church of the Nazarene
Chelan, WA

Help us help them.

One thought on “The Hargroves – Christian missionaries in Arequipa, Peru

  1. Good Night Pastor:

    Pleased to meet you, my name is johan and i`m Micah spanish professor, I`d like to talk to you and I`d be happy to support you as well, I was wondering if would be possible for you to talk to me tomorrow.

    thank you



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