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6 thoughts on “Donate

  1. I logged on to your site to see your updates. anything new since august? do you have references in the states (to check before I donnate)?


    1. Hi Jon,
      I really do need to update the blog… I spend a lot more time updating the Torre Fuerte site on Facebook, where we get a lot more traffic –

      As for references, you can contact my friend, Kyle, at the church where I pastored for over 20 years here:, and check out the website here: Kyle is the webmaster for the church website, and he could put you in contact with many others within the church.
      You can also contact Paul Eklund, of Lightshine Ministries (one of ministry partners), here: or
      Or you can contact Dave and Jackie Soleim of Extended Hands Ministries (another very important ministry partner) at: or

      Thank you for considering a donation to our ministry in Peru. If you have any questions about TF, I would be happy to respond.
      Scott Hargrove


  2. Hi Jon,

    At this time, we have 27 girls in the home. With that number, we would like to see about $7000/month to work with. The home has the capacity for another ten or so girls, and has run as high as 50 girls at one point. That seemed crowded, however.

    The biggest cost for the home is the workers salaries. Food is fairly inexpensive here, and since everything is bought in bulk, adding girls adds almost no cost – until we exceed the rule of 1 dorm mom per 10 girls. Clothing, especially shoes, is an additional occasional cost, although much clothing is donated from organizations within the city here.

    We have 4 dorm moms who work two at a time at the home so that there is someone here 24/7, a maintenance man/bus driver, a Christian psychologist, an independent accountant/auditor, and the pastor and his wife. We really should have a social worker as liaison with the court system, as well. That’s a total of nine paid workers with a tenth that we should have on the books.

    We have some dreams to pursue here, which include finishing the 3rd floor on an existing building, and building another which would be used for vocational training/schooling. The schools here are rather weak, and we would like to give our girls a better than average shot at escaping the cycle of poverty.

    But, we are in the midst of rebuilding our financing. The couple who was responsible for erecting most of the buildings here have fallen on hard times with the US economy in the condition it is in. We had been struggling along on about $5000/month when we received noticed that they would no longer be able to send their regular $2000/month. For two months now we have been watching God answer prayers for the cost of running the home.

    Our main fund-raising drives are in June/July and Nov/Dec, when we run into some heavy gov’t. expenses. If we could once again have $7000/month to work with, there would be enough to set aside each month and pay those bills. That would also give us a little breathing room to cover the unscheduled costs like bus repair or significant maintenance costs at the home.

    My wife and I are here as volunteers, and as such are not on the payroll here. We also rely on supporters in the USA for our daily needs.

    So… there’s a short review of where things stand. If you would like more details or concrete numbers, I would be glad to provide those for you. As a matter of fact, I have a budget I can send you by email. The first tab is all in Spanish and Peruvian money, but the other two you’ll understand.

    Thanks again for your interest in our ministry here,

    Scott Hargrove


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