How to sponsor one of our girls

Our work at Torre Fuerte includes more than simply providing the food  necessary for survival. We strive to provide our girls with a higher quality of life than would otherwise be possible for them, including nutritious food, decent clothing, a well-maintained home, education, medical and dental care, and a chance to live their dream. Of course, this takes more than the “dollar a day” that is so commonly requested by other ministries.

It costs $250 for each girl, every month, to run the home in the way that we do. It’s still a long way from an American standard of living, but it provides a quality of life and level of dignity that these girls need in order to escape the grip of their family history. We’re asking you to consider helping us by helping to sponsor a girl for $25/month, realizing that it will take 10 sponsors to cover the costs of each of our girls.

If you would like to help, please send us a message here on the blog, or on our Facebook page and we’ll help you make the arrangements.

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