Extended Quarantine

The Peruvian government has extended the quarantine and border closure for another 13 days, until April 12, 2020. We don’t know how much longer this whole ordeal is going to last which makes it very difficult to reschedule our travel to the US.

Today, Scott left the house and walked about 2 miles to buy groceries that aren’t available nearby. Before allowing anyone to enter the large grocery store, they had to have their temperature taken! Almost every person out on the street has a face mask on. This is a city of a million people and the streets are almost completely desolate…it’s really strange! I was against him walking so far from where we live because if the police decide to stop you, it is required that you have the proper documentation on your person and you need to convince them that you have a legitimate reason for being out of your house. Because he saw an increased number of people out and about, he decided it was safe enough and went ahead. He made it back home without incident.

We have been getting updates from the American Embassy in Lima and so far, over 1,000 Americans have been transported back to the US by special arrangement. We don’t feel the need to be repatriated because we are more at home here in our own apartment. If we were in the States, we would only be staying in someone else’s home, unable to speak in the churches we had planned on visiting, and we would feel like an added burden.

Please pray with us for wisdom and peace in rescheduling flights, speaking opportunities, and the selling of our home according to God’s Plan.

Reschedule…but when?

We received notification that our flight from Peru to the USA was cancelled and can be rescheduled for another time. Unfortunately, we have no idea when that other time might be! With churches closed all over the country and so many cases of the virus in Washington state as well as the threat of spreading the virus any further, we would be unable to travel (even if we DID make it to the US) to accomplish any of the plans we had made. We were scheduled to speak in many churches in several states. If this drags on for months and we can’t go in person, I’ve wondered if it might be a good alternative for Scott to do an online presentation to update and encourage those churches. It would likely be glitchy and not ideal, but at least it would be SOMETHING. We want to wait a little longer to see how this plays out before we make any alternate plans. Please be patient with us regarding scheduling…

As many of you know, we had planned on working on our houses to prep it for sale. Obviously, there aren’t going to many buyers in this type of situation….so, that will have to wait, also. We KNOW that God’s timing is always best and we trust Him to work it out according to His Will.

Be safe & be blessed!


First they closed the schools and then church services were prohibited. After that, they declared a National Emergency and closed the borders. They also limited who could be out on the streets (we had permission for buying groceries, banking, going to work, caring for the elderly, children, or handicapped). Now taxis are prohibited from being on the streets and they’ve told everyone to stay home, except for special cases.

Pastor Dario was on his way to the Casa Hogar today and they stopped his car and told him to go home. He explained that he HAD to go to the Girls Home to pay the staff and give signed permission slips for them to go to and from working at the Home. The officer told him to go and deliver the documents and return directly home.

We were warned, as foreigners, to not take any chances by going to the Home. So we took that advice and we’re not going out at all. Through all of this, we KNOW that God is in control and He will provide for those who love and serve Him ~ so keep the Faith!

Closed Borders?

Please pray with us that our travel plans aren’t affected by the corona virus PANIC that seems to be spreading faster than the virus! The President of Peru cancelled all public and private schools for one month to limit the spread of the virus, the store shelves are bare, and the waiting lines are ridiculous! He talked about possibly closing the border!

What’s Happening?

We’re happy to report that Tracy had her eye surgery and is doing excellent! The first night after the surgery was unbearable and she couldn’t sleep at all. Each day she has gotten better and better. We still need some help paying the bill ($5,000) but we had to go ahead with it because it couldn’t wait without damaging her eyes further! It will be another month before we’ll know what strength of glasses she’ll need, if any! We’re SO thankful that we were able to get her the treatment she needed – God is SO good and He always provides for these girls!

It’s still summer break here (until March) which gives Tracy time to heal before heading back to school. The girls all participated in summer activities provided by the City for several weeks. They did taekwondo, Marinera dance, handcrafts, basketball, and drawing.

So far, we have three teams coming to Peru this year. A team from Texas will be here this month, a team from Washington will be here in July, and a team from Alabama will be here in August. There’s still time for you to schedule your group for this year….any time after August 😀 We’d LOVE to show you around!

We’re so proud of our ARISE girls! They are all getting excellent grades and are very thankful for the opportunity to study at the university level. We have three more girls who have graduated high school that really want to study for a career. However, we do not have the monthly income that we need at this time to commit to getting them enrolled. Please pray with us that the Lord will supply the needed funds to continue with the girls who are already studying and to help these new girls get started! Speaking of education….

The Torre Fuerte Educational Institute opened today!

WhatsApp Image 2020-03-09 at 1.57.05 PMWhatsApp Image 2020-03-09 at 1.56.56 PM




Reality Check

Even though we’d love to visit each and every one of you, it just isn’t practical for us to drive across the U.S. So instead, we’re planning to fly across the country and rent a car while in Washington which will help us visit many different churches and families all over the state. We have several groups who are interested in (or already are) planning a trip to Peru, so we really want to encourage them. We also want to show everyone who is already supporting us, the Torre Fuerte Girls Home, and ARISE what is happening and how they’re blessing others. We have so many exciting things to share about these amazing girls who are doing so well!

Unfortunately, the reality is that a three week car rental in Washington will cost $2,000 which is almost as much as our flights from Peru to Florida and then to Washington! So now, instead of hoping for a car that we can take across the country, or paying for a rental, I’m hoping to borrow one while we’re in Washington (not to be taken out of state)….I’m trying to keep our costs as low as possible.

We NEED to sell our house, we NEED to raise more funds, so we NEED to do this trip. Please pray with us that the Lord will make a way for HIS will to be accomplished in our service to Him. Well….that’s only the west coast.

We have many states to visit on the east coast, as well. It’s so exciting to see how many people God is using to bless these ministries all across the U.S. and the whole world! Please let us know if you have a car we can use…

Eye Surgery

WhatsApp Image 2020-02-17 at 6.16.23 PM

Tracy, one of the girls in the Torre Fuerte home, has a condition called Keratoconus.* Without treatment, her already poor vision will worsen and probably lead to the need for corneal transplants.

It’s all pretty bleak for a fourteen year old, but there is hope with some modern techniques. The minor surgery  involves corneal implants and something called crosslinking. It is quick and relatively non-invasive, but … it’s expensive.

This is a new twist for us at the Torre Fuerte home, and a bit scary, but necessary. Please give today and help us to save Tracy’s vision.

This is the link to the Go Fund Me page:


Travel by Land or Air??

We’re planning a visit to the US in April and we’d LOVE to drive across the country to visit with and update all of our supporters and family. We’re hoping to arrive in Florida in mid-April and then visit North Carolina, New Jersey, Michigan, Washington, California, Texas, & Alabama before we head back to Peru in June.

To rent a car, would cost over $5,000 because we don’t have existing car insurance to extend to the rental, which is WAY out of our budget….SO,…. we’re wondering if anyone has a spare (dependable) vehicle that they’d be willing to let us borrow for about two months (knowing that we’d be putting a lot of miles on it); or if you know someone with a car rental agency that would donate the rental??

Our other option is to fly on Spirit but we’d have to miss out on visiting California, Michigan, Texas, & Alabama because of the added cost.

Please contact us if you are able to help us with this huge request and/or if you would like us to visit you, too and we’ll see how it all works out!


Please locate the new tab we’ve added above….ARISE Perú…. once you click on it, you’ll see the new Support Button to send a monthly or one-time financial gift to help these girls with ARISE!

Academic Resources for Independence, Success, & Excellence (ARISE Perú) has been developed to help connect people who want to give financial aid to those who would otherwise not have the opportunity for higher education.

The Lord started supplying the financial resources through faithful people by putting it on their hearts to give. Scott and I started this non-profit organization to keep the funds coming in and going out in a responsible manner. These funds cannot run through the Home, so this ministry fills that gap. We currently have EIGHT girls studying post-high school courses:

Katherine: Psychology (5 yr course), Ruth: Bank Administration (5 yr course)

Monica: Cosmetology (1 yr), Nedelka: Chemical Engineering (5 yr), Mirian: Missionary (3 yr)

Amanda: Law (5 yrs), Margarita: Missionary (3 yrs), Mirella: English Translator (5 yrs)


Please get involved with this new ministry….we need you!

We also have an ARISE Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/HargrovePeru 









Feliz Navidad

We started Christmas celebrations with decorating cupcakes rather than cookies.

The girls did an excellent job!

Then we celebrated at church with many of our girls participating and we prayed a special Happy Birthday prayer for Pastor Darío led by Scott:

We celebrate Christmas Eve slightly different than the majority of people here. Most families have a huge nativity set out for weeks before Christmas and then on Christmas Eve at midnight the whole city explodes with fireworks for a half hour, then a huge dinner is served and THEN they place the baby Jesus in the manger and open gifts. We serve the meal earlier in the evening (the little ones can’t stay awake), we open gifts, and then watch the fireworks at midnight.

WhatsApp Image 2019-12-27 at 4.04.29 PM

We also enjoyed having family together for Christmas…

We hope your celebrations were meaningful, as well! Many blessings to you all!