Mark Your Calendar!

Well….I sent out the latest update email and THEN we got notification that another court date has been scheduled…YAY! Actually, there are TWO court dates scheduled where they’re going to question the bus driver, the director, and Scott (all at different hours 9am, 10am, 11am on the same dates).

Please pray on the 11th and the 13th specifically for the truth to be known.

Blessed Beyond Borders!

Thank you so much for your prayer support during our travels! We are glad to be back home in Arequipa. In spite of canceled flights, new covid tests and regulations, rescheduled flights, and flights being canceled yet again…we had a whirlwind visit up and down the east coast of the US with a wonderful stay in each place but after almost three months of visiting….there’s just no place like home! We desperately needed the break from the negative stress and now our spirits have been refreshed from such beautiful places and wonderful people!

God encouraged us everywhere we went with new people hearing about our work in Peru and wanting to help support the ministry: We had neighbors of friends in SC who we had just met for the first time, and we had family members introduce us to Christians while delivering donated products to a church camp in NJ, leaders on the Mission Board in a NJ church, a powerful prayer time with our church family in FL, people at new churches we had never attended before in FL… who ALL want to help these girls. Some even want to travel to Peru! Everyone is simply waiting for the TF mess to be cleared up so we can continue to help the girls who desperately need it. God is so awesome and faithful!

We are so blessed beyond words to have the privilege of serving the Lord in this way! After seeing so many examples of how God is preparing other people to help and to visit the ministries here, we know that He’s not finished yet and we will continue to press on and wait patiently for Him to work things out according to His Will and Glory in this whole situation! We just need to be faithful and continue the work that He began.

With God, All Things are Possible!

As many of you know, we’ve recently been dealing with a very negative situation here in Arequipa, Peru where we have served for almost ten years. An investigation is underway to see if any wrongdoing has been done. We leave that in the hands of the authorities and our Omniscient, Omnipotent, and Omnipresent God.

We still feel called to serve these girls who are in need so we are staying where God wants us! As we wait to see the end result of the current situation, we have focused our attention on the ARISE Peru ministry. Our Vision is to give a helping hand to girls who have been trampled on by others to arise and overcome the negative things that have happened in their lives by providing the resources for them to study at a university for a self-sustaining career.

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Academic Resources for Independence, Success, & Excellence


We continue to be amazed at God’s faithfulness! He (not us) spoke to the heart of a good man who organized a zoom meeting with a group of potential supporters and then invited us to share our vision for the future with them. We have seen the need for a long time but we’re now seeking to make it a reality! We would love to supply transitional housing in the form of mini-apartments in one building for the ARISE university students to have a safe, positive space for studying, and to learn how to live on their own and be prepared for adulthood. We still have lots of details to work out and know this is WAY bigger than us, but we’re excited at the possibility!

This group of men have determined to pray, to extend the invitation to others, and to seek God’s Will regarding how they can support this new extension of the ARISE ministry that would meet the real needs of those we serve to support here, the girls! We will be “meeting” with them again in two weeks for an update.

This will take a miracle…but we know the One who is able! Please join us in praying for God’s Will and His Provision as we are willing as He enables us to serve Him in this new endeavor. Will you consider joining us in whatever way you can?


We, as humans, are not perfect. Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need. Hebrews 4:16

Even though people disappoint us and do things we never thought they would, God is still good! He deserves our praise, worship, obedience, and love…which includes forgiving those people through the power of His Holy Spirit. It means staying the course – no matter what! To GOD be the Glory!

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So Sad!

Due to serious concerns, we are no longer raising funds for the Casa Hogar Torre Fuerte. Please cancel your payments rather than sending them, only to be returned.

We still care about these girls and want to help them. We feel this is the best way to help them at this time. We cannot continue to support this ministry due to our concerns…unless some drastic changes are made. We’ve tried several avenues of change and so far we seem to be the only ones willing to take a stand.

We are continuing to raise funds for the ARISE Peru ministry as well as for ourselves.

Please join us in praying for the girls, our wisdom, & the necessary changes to be made.

Finally, New Internet!

Now we need updated computers! We had someone donate $250 toward new computers just the other day! If you would like to help with this need, please donate via PayPal and designate that it’s for TF computers…it would be GREATLY appreciated!

The slowest speed of the new is more than double of the old system, at it’s best!

It Felt Stronger!

Public Alerts

Magnitude 4.2 earthquake
Affected countries: Peru and Chile
2 miles from Peru · 1:04 AM
We had the biggest/strongest earthquake last night than we’ve had since we’ve lived here! It scared me….I usually think they’re exciting and cool but this one was different! Nothing fell off of any shelves but the wind chimes clanged (even though the window was closed) and we wondered what action we should take! And then, it was over. We survived and were actually able to get to sleep afterward but we need to get ourselves an emergency pack ready. It might not matter because we would have several stories of apartment building that would fall on us if we get a really bad one but, it’s probably still a good idea!