Supporting the higher education of underprivileged girls.

ARISE Perú – “Academic Resources for Independence, Success, & Excellence of Perú” was created by the Hargrove’s to support underprivileged girls in reaching their dreams through higher education. In this culture, without higher education, they would fall into the same life of single-motherhood, dependence, poverty and desperation, repeating the cycle that brought them where they are. We have seen that happen, and we felt that we needed to do something to prevent it from happening again.

We realized that, although the costs of college seem impossibly out of reach to the girls here, those costs are fairly small by U.S. standards. We can send a girl to one of the best universities for $300/month, and to many other institutes for under $100/month.

ARISE Perú raises and manages funds to provide the ability for these girls to study for a professional career that will equip them with the skills they need to improve their lives and propel themselves from the past into a successful  future. 

We are supporting girls right now who are studying International Missions, International Law, Psychology, Chemical engineering, Bank Management, English, Cosmetology, and Tourism. There are currently three more girls awaiting funds to study, and we expect a few more each year.


Tuition support

For a young girl here in Arequipa, a job that pays enough to survive means a 12 hour day and no time to study. Without a degree, there is virtually no hope, especially if you’re female. ARISE Perú is paying the tuition that will change the lives of these girls.

books and supplies

It’s not worth paying tuition if a girl can’t even afford her books. But ARISE Perú is helping to cover this necessary cost, as well. In addition, there are sometimes lab costs, and required materials, copies, seminars, etc.

Testing for Unsa

Peru is a third world country, struggling to lift itself up. A part of that is the nation’s commitment to educate the best students. The Saint Augustine National Univerity (UNSA), is tuition free to students who can make the cut by passing a very difficult entrance exam.
There is a cost for the exam, but it’s well worth paying for any girl who would like to take a shot at attending the most prestigious university in Arequipa.
We currently have two girls studying at UNSA!

transportation costs

Some of the girls we support live across the city from the school where they study, and some are so poor that even bus fare is out of reach. While this extra cost is not offered to every girl, it is available to those who need it.

You can change a life.

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