Here we are, five months into that “two weeks to flatten the curve” thing. Lots of plans have been cancelled, including a long-planned visit by the Wenatchee Church of the Nazarene, who were planning on bringing us some new laptops for the girls to use in their schooling.
Those would be really handy right now, with everyone studying online, due to the lock down in response to COVID. But the trip was postponed, those computers never came, and we have more need for them now than ever. We were blessed with ten refurbished laptops several years ago.

Those are the laptops the girls are still using. Originally operating with Windows XP, but upgraded to Windows 7. They’ve been going belly up, one by one. Hard drives die. Screens go black. And sometimes it’s just software problems. I’ll be trying to get a couple of them up and running again, but right now the girls are sharing two laptops. Yep, just two.
They’re looking more like this now, after 4 years and lots of use by 40 different girls:

Missing some keys, pretty slow, and having to be shared by all the girls.
With everyone studying online now, we really, really need some new computers. We’ve talked about it some, and we’re thinking of buying some desktops, so that the keyboard, mouse, monitor, and even the hard drive are easily replaceable. Besides, they don’t need to be portable, and desktops are cheaper and easier to maintain.
Of course, the problem is that we don’t have money for buying computers. So we’re coming to you, and asking for your help once again. This need is so important at the Torre Fuerte home, where we strive to provide a quality education as one of our chief goals.
We’ve found GoFundMe to be an excruciatingly slow way to get funds here, so we’re asking you this time to just give directly to the regular PayPal account we already have set up.

Please pray about what you or your church or organization can do for this need. Computers cost a little more here in Arequipa, since there are no WalMarts or BestBuys, but I think we can get a solid desktop setup for under $1000, and maybe as low as $800. It would be a great help to be able to get 4 or 5 new computers, and would really help our girls with their learning.
If you have questions, just respond to this post and we’ll try to answer asap. To donate, just click the Donate button to the right (or at the top of the page) and again under the Torre Fuerte logo. And please let us know that you’ve given to this fundraiser, by a message here, or on our fb page, whatsapp, or email as
Thank you for all you do to help us, and to help the girls at the Casa Hogar Torre Fuerte!!

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