These beautiful Peruvian fabrics are used for making authentic, traditional clothing which is now only worn by the indigenous people of the mountains. July is winter here and we’re expecting below zero temperatures. The people who live at higher altitudes are at risk. They live in very primitive housing and the only practical way of protecting themselves from the cold, is to layer their wool clothing three to five layers thick. Please pray these people to survive the severe temperature drop. The government is advising them to stay inside.

The fabrics are not the type of pattern referred to in my title….    the government is not only advising those of us in the region of Arequipa to stay home; instead, it is mandatory. If they had told everyone that it would be a six month long quarantine, people would have rebelled. Instead, they extend it bit by bit, 2 weeks and  then 2 more weeks, then a month, after that…another month and another month….  Remember this calendar???

quarantine calendar

Well, now we need to stay in our homes (except for basic survival outings) until the end of JULY….and when that time comes….we’ll see if they extend it again! I thank my Lord & Savior that HE is the One who is actually in control! We know that we are in Good Hands no matter what the governments of this world decide. It all works into His Plan and we need to trust Him, no matter what!


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