The quarantine is scheduled to end on June 30th. I don’t think it will get extended again because things seem to be getting back to normal…there are many more people on the streets (walking & driving cars) and more businesses are open now!!! Let’s hope & pray that this will be the end of it!!!20200203_184438

God is ALWAYS worthy of our praise and these are only SOME of the wonderful things He’s doing in our lives! (This is one of the many beautiful sunsets we see from our new apartment!)

I’m excited to see how the Lord is bringing good out of a bad situation…during this lock down Scott and I have drawn closer together, worked on our communication skills, and we’re enjoying being together 24/7.

I have used this time to dig deeper in Bible study and prayer which has brought about a whole new beginning. Another big praise is that my feet are almost 100% better!

Scott is almost done with his online course for certification to teach English, he’s revamped our blog, and together we’ve developed new support brochures and business cards which we’ll get printed – once the print shop reopens.

We’re anxious to get back to Torre Fuerte! The girls really need our help with their online classes and it’s frustrating that we can’t be there with them to help :/ but it seems like school is going to be offered only through online classes even after the quarantine is lifted so we WILL be able to help…just, not yet. Hopefully, …only two more weeks!!!


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