I’m SO excited that the President of Peru might allow restaurants to open next week – for deliveries ONLY! The restaurants have ALL been closed completely during this quarantine. No deliveries, no drive-thru (well that never DID exist here). So we’ve had to make all meals from scratch for almost two months now.

cow milkingWe always make everything from scratch…like, homemade tortillas, removing peas from the pods, pancake mix with flour, baking soda, etc., raw chicken with too many parts and the list goes on…. BUT, every once in a while we like to buy a ready-made chicken or have a pizza delivered. It’s sad to realize that those simple, normal conveniences have now become an exciting privilege!

We have been fortunate enough to buy enough food for a week at a time, but many are struggling. It’s typical for people here in Peru to travel across the city on a daily basis to find the best deals on food items.With fewer buses, no taxis, a curfew at 6:00 pm and shorter store hours people have been forced to shop closer to home. This means less selection and higher prices. If they are able to walk to a larger grocery store, they need to wait in long lines for hours before they can even get inside to shop. Whatever is purchased needs to be carried or pulled in a hand cart all the way back home. It’s a two mile round-trip for us. Just in the last few days, there has been an increased number of buses but it’s still no where near normal yet! SO….I’m REALLY looking forward to having a pizza delivered, as soon as we can! This, by the way, is a very realistic photo…this company DOES deliver on bicycles here with those same insulated boxes!

glovo pizza delivery


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