So far, the American Embassy in Lima has repatriated 2300 people from the regions of Lima and Cuzco back to the USA. They are now making arrangements for travelers in the regions of La Libertad and Ica. We live in the region of Arequipa which is further south.

0df8f83591aeb93a992f79b1c1084c7eWe have no intention of joining the repatriation efforts. As you can see, we live very far from Lima. There are no flights from Arequipa to Lima at this time. The tourists need to get back to their homes and we don’t. Because the border is closed until April 12, I cancelled our flight from Florida to New Jersey which was scheduled for April 7. I’m waiting to cancel our flight to Washington state….just in case it still works out and churches are open again by then….we shall see!