We received notification that our flight from Peru to the USA was cancelled and can be rescheduled for another time. Unfortunately, we have no idea when that other time might be! With churches closed all over the country and so many cases of the virus in Washington state as well as the threat of spreading the virus any further, we would be unable to travel (even if we DID make it to the US) to accomplish any of the plans we had made. We were scheduled to speak in many churches in several states. If this drags on for months and we can’t go in person, I’ve wondered if it might be a good alternative for Scott to do an online presentation to update and encourage those churches. It would likely be glitchy and not ideal, but at least it would be SOMETHING. We want to wait a little longer to see how this plays out before we make any alternate plans. Please be patient with us regarding scheduling…

As many of you know, we had planned on working on our houses to prep it for sale. Obviously, there aren’t going to many buyers in this type of situation….so, that will have to wait, also. We KNOW that God’s timing is always best and we trust Him to work it out according to His Will.

Be safe & be blessed!

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