First they closed the schools and then church services were prohibited. After that, they declared a National Emergency and closed the borders. They also limited who could be out on the streets (we had permission for buying groceries, banking, going to work, caring for the elderly, children, or handicapped). Now taxis are prohibited from being on the streets and they’ve told everyone to stay home, except for special cases.

Pastor Dario was on his way to the Casa Hogar today and they stopped his car and told him to go home. He explained that he HAD to go to the Girls Home to pay the staff and give signed permission slips for them to go to and from working at the Home. The officer told him to go and deliver the documents and return directly home.

We were warned, as foreigners, to not take any chances by going to the Home. So we took that advice and we’re not going out at all. Through all of this, we KNOW that God is in control and He will provide for those who love and serve Him ~ so keep the Faith!

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