We’re happy to report that Tracy had her eye surgery and is doing excellent! The first night after the surgery was unbearable and she couldn’t sleep at all. Each day she has gotten better and better. We still need some help paying the bill ($5,000) but we had to go ahead with it because it couldn’t wait without damaging her eyes further! It will be another month before we’ll know what strength of glasses she’ll need, if any! We’re SO thankful that we were able to get her the treatment she needed – God is SO good and He always provides for these girls!

It’s still summer break here (until March) which gives Tracy time to heal before heading back to school. The girls all participated in summer activities provided by the City for several weeks. They did taekwondo, Marinera dance, handcrafts, basketball, and drawing.

So far, we have three teams coming to Peru this year. A team from Texas will be here this month, a team from Washington will be here in July, and a team from Alabama will be here in August. There’s still time for you to schedule your group for this year….any time after August 😀 We’d LOVE to show you around!

We’re so proud of our ARISE girls! They are all getting excellent grades and are very thankful for the opportunity to study at the university level. We have three more girls who have graduated high school that really want to study for a career. However, we do not have the monthly income that we need at this time to commit to getting them enrolled. Please pray with us that the Lord will supply the needed funds to continue with the girls who are already studying and to help these new girls get started! Speaking of education….

The Torre Fuerte Educational Institute opened today!

WhatsApp Image 2020-03-09 at 1.57.05 PMWhatsApp Image 2020-03-09 at 1.56.56 PM




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