Even though we’d love to visit each and every one of you, it just isn’t practical for us to drive across the U.S. So instead, we’re planning to fly across the country and rent a car while in Washington which will help us visit many different churches and families all over the state. We have several groups who are interested in (or already are) planning a trip to Peru, so we really want to encourage them. We also want to show everyone who is already supporting us, the Torre Fuerte Girls Home, and ARISE what is happening and how they’re blessing others. We have so many exciting things to share about these amazing girls who are doing so well!

Unfortunately, the reality is that a three week car rental in Washington will cost $2,000 which is almost as much as our flights from Peru to Florida and then to Washington! So now, instead of hoping for a car that we can take across the country, or paying for a rental, I’m hoping to borrow one while we’re in Washington (not to be taken out of state)….I’m trying to keep our costs as low as possible.

We NEED to sell our house, we NEED to raise more funds, so we NEED to do this trip. Please pray with us that the Lord will make a way for HIS will to be accomplished in our service to Him. Well….that’s only the west coast.

We have many states to visit on the east coast, as well. It’s so exciting to see how many people God is using to bless these ministries all across the U.S. and the whole world! Please let us know if you have a car we can use…

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