Please locate the new tab we’ve added above….ARISE Perú…. once you click on it, you’ll see the new Support Button to send a monthly or one-time financial gift to help these girls with ARISE!

Academic Resources for Independence, Success, & Excellence (ARISE Perú) has been developed to help connect people who want to give financial aid to those who would otherwise not have the opportunity for higher education.

The Lord started supplying the financial resources through faithful people by putting it on their hearts to give. Scott and I started this non-profit organization to keep the funds coming in and going out in a responsible manner. These funds cannot run through the Home, so this ministry fills that gap. We currently have EIGHT girls studying post-high school courses:

Katherine: Psychology (5 yr course), Ruth: Bank Administration (5 yr course)

Monica: Cosmetology (1 yr), Nedelka: Chemical Engineering (5 yr), Mirian: Missionary (3 yr)

Amanda: Law (5 yrs), Margarita: Missionary (3 yrs), Mirella: English Translator (5 yrs)


Please get involved with this new ministry….we need you!

We also have an ARISE Facebook page: 









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