Feliz Navidad

We started Christmas celebrations with decorating cupcakes rather than cookies.

The girls did an excellent job!

Then we celebrated at church with many of our girls participating and we prayed a special Happy Birthday prayer for Pastor Darío led by Scott:

We celebrate Christmas Eve slightly different than the majority of people here. Most families have a huge nativity set out for weeks before Christmas and then on Christmas Eve at midnight the whole city explodes with fireworks for a half hour, then a huge dinner is served and THEN they place the baby Jesus in the manger and open gifts. We serve the meal earlier in the evening (the little ones can’t stay awake), we open gifts, and then watch the fireworks at midnight.

WhatsApp Image 2019-12-27 at 4.04.29 PM

We also enjoyed having family together for Christmas…

We hope your celebrations were meaningful, as well! Many blessings to you all!


Our original thought of how we were going to celebrate Thanksgiving this year would have been a little tongue in cheek. Instead, we decided to do something completely different – no cooking, no baking, no stress – just celebrating the Lord’s many blessings! We went out and had Indian food for the first time and it was DEE-licious!