We have a bus at the Torre Fuerte home. With 30 girls plus the staff, a bus is a necessary piece of equipment for the ministry here.
But our bus is a 1989 Hyundai. In the last couple of years we’ve repaired – and then replaced – the transmission, had major engine work done, and replaced parts of the floor.
We have new holes in the floor, right over the driver’s side rear wheels. That bright light on the floor is where the metal is separating and allowing the outside light to come in.

Now we find that the insurance company is not happy with our bus. We’ve had insurance under the “student transport” category, but the insurance company says our bus is too old for that. So even after fixing the problems, we’ll have to change insurance to something much more expensive.
So… we’re thinking it’s time to raise funds for a “new to us” bus. Something newer, nicer, safer, more reliable, and insurable. Would you consider helping us with this need? We realize that the goal of $50,000 is pretty daunting, but it’s not a huge amount for a bus.

We have a GoFundMe campaign started. Please check it out here: gf.me/u/wrvad9

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