In February, I flew to the U.S. to be with my mother who has cancer in her liver. Unfortunately, since I’ve been here, my sister has gotten bad news about her health, as well. I’m blessed to be here where I can help them!

Scott stayed in Peru to continue with the work at Torre Fuerte. Not only has he been handling everything that he normally does, but then he had to take a last minute flight to Lima! He’s STILL working on getting our residency. The Lord knows that we have individuals who are scheduled to visit TF in the coming months so we’re trusting that He’ll work everything out according to His Will! In the meantime, the Lord continues to bless…. we welcomed six new girls into the TF family where they can be protected and provided for!

All of the girls that are brought to Torre Fuerte need your prayers. We never know how long they’ll be at the Home but we DO know that they need time and love to heal from their emotional scars. The circumstances of why they come to us varies but the common ground they all have is that when they leave TF, they have experienced the love of  God. Your prayer support truly  makes a difference. Thank you for your faithfulness!

Even though Scott and I are on two different continents right now, we’re still very much on the same page of serving where we’re needed. Right now he’s needed more in Peru and I’m needed more in the U.S. Since we can’t be in two places at one time; we make the sacrifice of being apart because it’s necessary. Part of me wants to be reunited with my husband as soon as possible, but part of me hopes it will take longer. I hope to have as much time as possible with my mother before she passes on to be with the Lord. Fortunately, the Lord has everything covered and we know that He is good all the time.

Thanks again for the support that you provide!

One thought on “Meeting Needs

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your mom, Leslie. May God bring comfort and peace to you all. And may He continue to bless the work in Peru and enable permanent positive earthly and heavenly changes in the lives of these girls.


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