Unfortunately, some girls had to leave the TF Home because of their bad choices. They were removed from the Home not only because of their serious actions but also for the affect they could have on the other girls… it’s always a balancing act of wanting to help troubled girls without allowing them to have a negative impact on the others. They’re all dealing with some sort of trauma in their lives and the last thing they need is to have their Safe Zone add to their negative experiences. Torre Fuerte is a place of hope, love, safety, and renewal. That is always at the forefront.

Pastor Dario and his family were on vacation for the month of January leaving Scott to fill in. He had to make some difficult decisions while he was in charge but with the help of staff members and the Holy Spirit, he did a great job!

God continues to be in control and we can always trust Him to lead and guide us! Thank you for your support (prayer & financial) of the Home, these girls,  and our family!