In November we did miles of walking for three days in a row. Well, that was a bad decision for me because I’ve been in severe pain ever since. Walking the quarter of a mile to the bus stop has become impossible so I haven’t been going to the Home. I can barely make it to the main road for transportation to my doctor appointments. This pain started back in May and then after months of resting it seemed to go away. But, now it’s back. I have been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and two other inflammatory conditions. I have finally been prescribed some medication that will hopefully give some relief soon. In the meantime, I just had to share some of the December events with all of you.

Early in December, we had 6 girls participate in a group quinceñero party (Cielo, Hermalinda, Miluska, Margarita, Stefani, & Jessica). We did it a little different this year to save money and to change the focus to a more Christian theme. We took the six girls to a nice restaurant where they were each presented with a Thompson Chain Reference Bible and a silver cross necklace. We walked to the Plaza de Armas after the meal to see the Christmas decorations. They were all thrilled (especially with the Bibles)!

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Scott has been faithfully going to TF every day and has said how much the girls miss me and I miss them, too. I must admit that I started to wonder why I’m even here in Peru if I 20181201_113646can’t be active at the Home (or anywhere else for that matter) but then I slowly came to the realization that even though it’s been a painful process and a financial hardship (especially near Christmas), the Lord is still watching over us.

We had hoped to move into a different apartment but the startup fees were just too much for us and we were feeling a little discouraged. But, after we decided against moving, we were faced with a bunch of expensive medical tests. The silver lining is that if we had moved, we never could have afforded all the tests that I’ve had lately (doctors, specialists, MRI, extensive blood analysis, electromyography, and x-rays).  So, in a way, it’s been a blessing that this all came to pass as it did. We could have easily gotten  ourselves over extended but the Lord gave us an uneasiness about moving. Even though it’s never fun to be in the midst of the dark clouds, there’s always a silver lining if you choose to look for it.

All of these girls at Torre Fuerte are separated from their families and during the holidays it’s even more difficult for them… BUT, thanks to my daughter in law, Karla, I was able to keep up the tradition of making cutout sugar cookies for them to decorate. I couldn’t have done it without her! This gave the girls a silver lining to their cloudy situation.  This was the 8th year of Christmas cookie decorating and part of the tradition includes a competition for the best decorated cookies. The older girls used boxes to keep the others from seeing their designs. We had two winners from each age group with beautiful cookies and everyone had lots of fun!

The girls also had visits from several groups in the city to help brighten their spirits.

Merry Christmas and thanks again for your continued support of these wonderful girls!

We look forward to visits from some of you in 2019!!!


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