Especially for those of you who have visited the Torre Fuerte home, and know some of our girls… here is our most current roster. Ten of these girls have been with us for over a year, and several have lived at the TF home for several years.foto sheetCould you pray for our girls? Daily? Here are some ideas to help you pray:

1. Pray for emotional/spiritual healing. Kids are resilient, but abandonment, abuse, and neglect are tough problems to get past. We see girls who are withdrawn, girls who are aggressive, and everything in between. Sometimes just a picture or a spoken phrase can bring back memories and move a girl to tears.

2. Pray for hope. Most of these girls have been in “survival mode”, and have given no thought to their future. We try to help them dream, plan, and pursue goals, especially focusing on a career. Pray for them as they study and learn to dream.

3. Pray for peace and harmony within the TF home. With so many girls from so many backgrounds, and with so much hurt, it is inevitable that we have occasional conflict. We work a lot on improving conflict resolution skills.

4. Pray for the staff. One of our dorm mothers recently left us, expecting to have a new baby in June. She has been a real blessing to our girls because she saw her work as more than just a job. She loves our girls. Pray for us to always find staff that will understand the nature of the ministry here and love the kids.

Thanks to all of you who support us, pray for us, and pray for the girls at TF. We appreciate the love and support you give. Come visit us sometime, we’d love to give you the chance to see the work first hand.


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