Scott has been busy in Peru! He’s been teaching seminary classes to prepare young pastors for ministry, reuniting with the girls at the Torre Fuerte Girls Home, reconnecting with our church family in Peru, and spending quality time with Micah, Karla, and Rachel.


I’ve been holding down the home front. Two of our kids moved this month. Daniel & Stephanie bought a new home which is closer to their church and Katie moved back to Washington.

During our furlough, it’s been a blessing to be here for our kids and to spend time with family and friends! My mother came down to stay with me while Scott was gone. Brecke & Casey got to stop by for a quick visit, too!

13178915_10201730761187222_8311852600681429879_n 20160513_121530

We had some wildlife visitors, too! ONE wasn’t so welcome!!!


I’m preparing for a trip to Peru, also. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone but ESPECIALLY my Sweet Baby Girl, Rachel and our first GRANDSON! Scott and I will both be in Peru with a one-week overlap.

As God continues to lead us, we look forward to what He has prepared for us in the future!

He never ceases to amaze me with His Blessings from On High!

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