Recently, while plunging down a 200 foot drop at 70mph with my hands held high in the air, I came to a new understanding of  the word “trust”.

In January, our kids bought us passes to Busch Gardens. The first few times we rode the insane rollercoaster, SheiKra, we were clinging to the overhead shoulder harness as though our lives depended on it, as if we had ANY control of the situation.

By the third or fourth death-defying experience on SheiKra, the boys convinced me to go through the WHOLE ride without holding on. I was convinced that I could never do it, but I DID. It was quite the rush! We went on the ride two more times without holding on at all, relaxed and completely free-falling, twisting, and turning. I trusted my life to the mechanical, metal monster — and it was exhilarating! I enjoyed the ride to a new level. My holding on wasn’t keeping me safe at all, but instead was keeping me from truly experiencing the thrill of the ride. I am struck with the similarities in my life. I try to “control” my life until I’m faced with a situation where I have NO CONTROL, and I finally realize that I really have never had control in how my life unfolds.

I am not in control of our situation, but God is. I am not able to protect myself or my loved ones, but God is. I am not able to know what the future holds, but God is. Letting go of the death-grip I have on my life, allows me to free-fall, to soar, to take sharp turns, to spiral up and down and upside down with no fear because I know Who controls my life. I just need to hold on for the ride of my life!

I can live my life with no fear because God is in control of EVERYTHING!

“Pass on the Faith”, “Attain a new level in your walk”, and “Trust in Him” now have new meaning to me! My prayer is that our kids experience the realization of being held in the Father’s Hand and are able to enjoy life to the fullest.

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