In February, Scott and Pastor Dario visited Washington state to share about the happenings and vision of the Torre Fuerte Girls Home.


Some of the highlights where Dave & Jackie (sponsors of the TF Home) took them, included The Space Needle, waterfront dining, and the mall.


Pastor Dario was amazed at the beauty of the Northwest and enjoyed seeing the snow and making his first snowball.






Scott was able to introduce Pastor Dario to some of the many supporters of TF. We don’t have photos of everyone they met with but here are a few.



They were even treated to a local hockey game!


After Pastor Dario returned to Peru and Scott came back to Florida, we have seen God’s Hand in so many ways. Scott has spoken at various churches and met several new people who are interested in joining the TF team in some way.


Scott has spent the last several days preparing 10 laptops that were donated to the TF Girls Home. He set them all up with the same operating system and programs which will all run in Spanish. He’ll bring them down to the girls at the end of April.


I will be joining Scott in Peru at the end of May.

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