An update is long overdue since my last post was WAY back in January!          We added 2 new girls to the Torre Fuerte family in January – Estefany (16) and Noemí (13).

10830132_871556489541556_4080603189114638504_o     10952903_882419805121891_8369507541141118372_o

                        Estefany                                                 Noemí

In February we celebrated birthdays for Leslie and Monica (our goddaughter) by going to a rock climbing wall. Luke and Monica had a great time and did quite well!  We added 3 more girls Luz Clarita (9), Flor (11), and Yolanda (11) to the family.

DSCF1247                  DSCF1284

10344129_886812318015973_3707318201771019989_o   10001169_897958063568065_2775950937672284619_o     10298578_897958773567994_2744065719224747928_o

Luz Clarita                                Flor                                   Yolanda

In March, Micah & Karla moved to a town four hours away from us where he is teaching English. It is the town where Karla grew up as a child. We also had a group visit Torre Fuerte Home for Girls from Texas. They built the skeletal structure for a computer lab for the older girls to learn more advanced computer skills, they painted, they built cabinets, they spent time with the girls doing crafts, teaching, and playing.  2 new girls arrived, sisters Brittany (13) and Andrie (10).

10845630_10152767913862549_358869259649925337_o     11050243_10152767947992549_5964333075059746069_o

10922657_902289276468277_4446893387042316811_o     10997606_902289273134944_3402430949933330290_o

We celebrated Luke’s birthday (a little late) by visiting Micah, Karla, & Rachel in the end of April into the beginning of May.While we were there, we went on a couple of day hikes.  In these two months we added 5 girls to the family –     Anita (2), Miriam (9), Maribel (6), Anait (6), and Maria Clarita (6)!

DSCF1592      DSCF1760

10987644_925095497520988_6797078914992076226_o  1800120_931093966921141_1754250175432006913_o  11187397_931196203577584_8903882055596081898_o

Anita                                   Miriam                                 Maribel

11103164_937202822976922_8541491644532383031_o     11060255_940226946007843_3383214009353214676_n

Anaít                                     Maria Clarita

June brought us a new opportunity… All three of us were asked to help translate for a medical ministry – a group of doctors and medical students from Alabama.   We’ve added 2 more girls – Milagros (3) and Zalét (10).

11402328_471911332963499_5161288035452256418_o  11393725_471971296290836_1940271485717305263_o  11411918_471916722962960_919987644492105060_o

1908016_943598159004055_9110246152430064268_n         11009338_952751378088733_7672670385200594010_o

Milagros                                             Zalét

We had two girls go back to their family so we now have a total of 35 girls at TF! We have been blessed by those of you who follow our blog (even though I don’t update it often enough) and support us in so many ways!

Many blessings to you all!

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