We ended the year at Torre Fuerte Home for Girls here in Arequipa, Peru with an abundance of blessings from the Living Stone Church at Lake Chelan, WA.

Tiffini Hawkins sacrificed having Christmas with her family and church. In doing so, she and her church blessed our family with goodies, gave a gift to be opened on Christmas Eve for each and every girl, AND each of the adults involved. This is a rarity for TF and these blessings were GREATLY appreciated by all!

DSCF5373 DSCF5374 DSCF5375 DSCF5376

The evening included a delicious turkey dinner, gifts for everyone, and then a decorating competition between the dorm rooms.

DSCF5383 DSCF5384 DSCF5389 DSCF5398 DSCF5415 DSCF5426 DSCF5428 DSCF5440

Tiffini was one of the judges for the decorating competition.

This was the youngest dorm:

DSCF5449  DSCF5450  DSCF5452

This was the middle dorm:

DSCF5456 DSCF5461 DSCF5463

The oldest girls had the winning dorm! They won a trip to the movie theater and a chicken dinner.

DSCF5466 DSCF5467 DSCF5471 DSCF5469 DSCF5468 DSCF5472

After all of the festivities at TF, we went home to our house. At midnight, Tiffini was able to experience the almost indescribable fireworks from our rooftop. I wish I had pictures of her spinning in circles trying to capture the 360 degree display that went on for 45 minutes. Needless to say, this will be a Christmas that Tiffini will remember for many years to come. We sent her home with a handmade ornament (made from a gourd) as a little reminder. We also sent a Peruvian nativity set for the Living Stone Church as a big thank you and as a reminder of the blessing that they are to this ministry.

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