January we started the year with about 25 girls at the Torre Fuerte Home for Girls.

IMG_0273It amazes us to see how many visitors they get from all over the world!

Learning Korean, while others were learning Portuguese (visiting from Brazil), and the little ones were learning dance


Some of the younger girls went out for a fun day at the Plaza de Armas with Ella (from England) who has been helping to bring volunteers to the home through her organization, Volunteer Peru.IMG_1407




February was just life as usual, spending quality time with the girls. They had visitors from Spain this month, too.

IMG_2255  IMG_2358

IMG_3034 March brought Karen and Diana to our house to make chocolate cupcakes, filled with chocolate and topped with chocolate. They REALLY like chocolate!


We took a trip to Lima to get our residency started but instead it turned out to be some well-needed family time of fun and adventure.



April we went to Ana Belen’s moving up ceremony at her culinary institute


For Luke’s 13th birthday we went horseback riding


IMG_4542May we had visitors from Southwest Airlines including Scott’s sister, Julie

A simulation of an airline safety speech


June brought us a new daughter-in-law. We celebrated at Lake Tahoe for Josh and Jennie’s wedding.

Daniel graduated with high honors from nursing schoolimage (8)10515181_10101438478878863_5502901073839306103_o






July was a wonderful time with family in Florida.  Scott, Katie, Michelle, Stephanie, Daniel, Luke, Mom and Dad H.DSCF4053





Michelle Rose celebrated her 3rd birthday!IMG_6829





IMG_6746August we had some fun family time at the beach in Florida.


When we returned to Peru we had a new granddaughter, Rachel Isabella waiting for us!






DSCF4685September was Micah’s birthday. He wanted brownies and enchilada casserole.


A very typical sight at TF






DSCF4899October we were blessed with a visit from our daughter, Katie and we squeezed in some time to go horseback riding.





And some quality time with her new niece, Rachel Isabella!








We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner together as a family.



DSCF5270December we had a short, but very special, visit with a very special friend, Jake Beaty.







We closed out the year with about 40 girls at TF. We were very blessed to have spent time with all these people this past year (& many others, especially while we were in the USA!) Unfortunately, as we’ve seen an influx of new girls at TF, we’ve also had some very special ones leave. Seeing girls leave TF (for whatever reason) is always hard on the heartstrings but we know that the Lord is with each of them wherever they are. Please join us in holding them up in prayer.

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