As Thanksgiving was approaching, I found myself feeling down. I knew had lots to be thankful for, but I wasn’t “feeling” very thankful. After listening to a sermon from Real Life (, the Holy Spirit was able to get through to  me and change my outlook. Thanksgiving turned out to be a wonderful time with family. We have many blessings/people in our lives to be thankful for!


The day after, we decorated for Christmas!


We are continuing to decorate by making homemade decorations. Karla, Marisol, and Maria (their mom) came over to make decorations with me. We had a great time together and we plan on doing it again in a few days. Maria brought a whole meal to share with us which was such a blessing!


While we crafted, Micah & Marisol were making desserts. Micah made chocolate chip cookies and Marisol made an apple pie. Both were delicious!


Scott, Luke, and Joshua helped take care of Rachel and played computer games. We all had a great time together as a family!

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