Since returning to Peru after a two month visit in the US where we bounced from Florida to Nevada, back to Florida, over to Washington and then back to Florida, it was striking how much it felt like home here.

While in the States we visited with family, friends, and multiple churches. It was SO wonderful to see everyone again and to meet new friends. Here’s a bit of the highlights from our trip:

1941574_10101438479876863_7801422657567452513_o          10515181_10101438478878863_5502901073839306103_o

Josh & Jennie’s wedding at Lake Tahoe was SO beautiful!  It was wonderful to have the whole family together for such a special day!

IMG_7421          DSCF4219

Spending quality time with our granddaughter, Michelle was a definite highlight!

DSCF4055          DSCF4057

Daniel, Stephanie, Michelle, & Katie went with us to visit with Scott’s parents, too!

IMG_7554          DSCF4167

Fun times with Katie, Daniel, Steph, & Michelle at Busch Gardens and the beach.

We don’t have photos from each of the churches we visited while in Washington, but it was WONDERFUL to visit with the Church of the Nazarene and Little Stone Church in Chelan, Calvary Chapel in Twisp, and the youth at the Chinese Church in Vancouver.

We came to home to our beautiful, new (early) granddaughter, Rachel Isabella!

DSCF4252          DSCF4228

It was wonderful to come home to all the girls at the Torre Fuerte Home for Girls! They were SO happy to have us back home again and we’re all happy to see their beautiful faces and to reconnect with them, once again.

One thought on “There’s No Place Like Home

  1. Thank you for all the wonderful up dates!!! Sorry we missed you in Chelan, but we know Jesus keeps us all!!! Eternity will be wonderfull!!! Love you, the Clarks.


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