We’re heading to the U.S. of A. in June! I am SO stinkin’ excited I can hardly stand it! I’m most excited to see Josh and Jennie start their new life together and that we’ll all be there with them (except Karla). IMG_1155My brother and his family will be there, as well as my sister and my mother. Which means my mom will have all of HER kids together!

I’m doubly blessed that we’re going to get to see our church family and friends, as well. It would be super fantabulous if we could make it up to New Jersey to see all of our family up there, too! But, we shall see…

My biggest sacrifice, by far, of living in Peru is being so far away from family. Growing up, I had cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandmothers in my life on a regular basis. Now, I don’t even know my cousin’s kids. I see pictures of them on Facebook (which is a blessing) but we wouldn’t know it if we bumped into each other. That makes me sad. Our kids haven’t had much time with their cousins; first we lived too far away in WA and now we’re even further away in Peru. We’ve ALL said it, “Kids grow up in the blink of an eye” and you can’t go back to spend time with them; we need to do it now.


Daniel n MichelleI’m SO thankful that we’re in constant contact with our granddaughter, Michelle (Daniel, Stephanie, & Katie, too) via Skype. We will be celebrating our first birthday with her while we’re there; her 3rd birthday. Unfortunately, I don’t spend enough time in the US know my sister’s grandchildren or my brother’s grandchildren on a personal basis. Sometimes, I question our priorities for living here, but then I’m reminded that most of the girls’ for whom we’re here, have NO ONE that misses them or comes to visit. The void that’s left in a person’s heart from being away from a loved one is only compounded when you know that they choose to not be involved in your life (whether consciously or by their poor life decisions). When I feel a void, it helps me to empathize with them and see things more from their perspective.imageI don’t want my children or grandchildren to feel that I have chosen to not be involved in their lives. It is my utmost desire to serve the Lord by being here for the girls but to ALSO have the ability to fly home to visit with family every six months. That would take putting aside $100 per month (for me to travel alone), which is something we don’t have, but I’m trusting/hoping/begging that God will supply it… because He knows how important it is to me and I know how important it is to Him to keep family as a priority.

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