We left all of our friends behind in the U.S. who continue to help us in so many ways. We’d be lost without them! Many have visited us here in Peru and are currently supporting us financially. They have helped with the whole process of renting our home in Chelan with repairs, dealing with prospective renters, advertising, and most importantly – prayer support! At this point, we’re still waiting on the Lord to provide new renters… but we KNOW that He is in control and that we can ALWAYS trust Him. God has continually blessed us and provided for us. We have no doubt that He has a plan for us.DSC_0310

Part of His plan has been to expand our network of friends across the globe. We’ve been blessed to have made friends with some fellow missionaries from Alabama (David & Whitney). Unfortunately, they’re moving back to the States soon. They recently introduced us to some other American’s living here who have kids that are approximately the same age as our son, Luke. This is such an answer to prayer! DSC_0026

Yesterday, Whitney wanted to do a photo shoot with us so we can mail support letters to help us raise funds for our family. Here’s a little glimpse.

          We got a little crazy DSC_0153
       (if you can imagine that!)DSC_0216DSC_0271 DSC_0148DSC_0180

You’ll see the real family photo when we send out our support letter.

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