DSCF7641We’ve been here for almost one year already! Our “anniversary” will be on May 8th, our first day living in Peru. We’re not sure yet how we’ll celebrate it, but it’s a real milestone for us. It seems to have flown by rather quickly.

The completion of a year also means a renewed rental agreement. Our landlord told us he would be raising the rent 25%, but we were told that it’s still a good deal for our apartment. But… when he gave us the lease agreement, the cost hadn’t changed. We did the honest thing, and brought him the lease he had already signed, and asked about the mistake. He told us that he had changed his mind, and our rent would remain the same! Praise God for that!

…especially since things are getting pretty DSCF6278tight, financially. This time last year, we had money in the bank and support coming in monthly. At this point, the only thing sustaining us is our monthly support. But we couldn’t see the needs of the girls and not help them when we had the money in our account. They all received much needed clothes, shoes, dental work, and general health care. We also had to setup house, and then there are the constant repairs at TF, as well.

We had asked our supporters to commit for one year. That year is now up. If you are able to continue supporting us in this work, that would be wonderful. We are very thankful for the way that you have helped us and these girls. If you haven’t given in the past and would like to begin, this would be a perfect time to start. You can easily start your support by following the Donate button at the top right of the blog, where you can give through PayPal.

Some BIG changes with the TF girls include those who have dedicated or rededicated their lives to Christ as their Savior, recently. Praise God for what He’s been doing in the lives of Gianela, Victoria, Carmen, Ester, and Vilma!

DSCF6752There have also been girls who have left to live with family, to live on their own, or have been placed in other homes. Included in these changes are: Carmen Rosa, Carmen, Tatiana, Annie, Leonor, Rosa Janet, Marisol, Luz Marina, and Monica. We are learning to deal with these changes and have come to realize that our time with each girl could be shorter than we think, so we need to be impacting their lives for Christ at all times.

Some staff changes that have taken place over the last year include two new dorm mothers. Hermana Elena, who was the dorm mother for the oldest group of girls, is now managing the Snack Shop due to her bad back. Hermana Doris is her replacement. Hermana Ana has moved to Chile and her replacement, for the youngest group of girls, is Hermana Sol. The rest of the staff has remained the same.

Another big change for us will be when DSCF5769Katie moves back to the States in the Spring of 2013 to pursue her studies in Criminal Forensics. Before she takes this big step, we’re hoping to afford an online course for her to finish her senior year of high school with a diploma for a smoother transition into college.

We are down to having only one bunny but hope to have a new puppy soon. Pastor Dario has given the girls a challenge: If all the girls get good grades for the 3rd trimester, we get a puppy! The girls are excited to meet this challenge. We’ll keep you posted!

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