It’s amazing to see how God networks people together to do His work. Since we’ve been here, we have seen God weaving people into the ministry of meeting the needs of the girls at Torre Fuerte. Just to mention a few:

The dentist & orthodontist we’ve been working with are giving discounted prices in order to help minister to the girls.  After a dentist visit the other day, I was on the bus with three of the girls when I had a “God encounter”.  Two of the girls were seated in front of me with a man standing next to their seat (when all the seats are full, people continue to cram onto the bus and stand in the aisles). The man’s backpack was right in Luz’s face and I was afraid it would bump her since everyone shifts back and forth as we travel over the rutted roads. I asked him to please be careful that his bag wouldn’t hit her face. He looked at me and said, “Thank you” and I smiled back at him.

He then struck up a friendly conversation with many questions as to why I was in Arequipa. Long story, short, he personally knows Pastor Dario from being in the church many years ago when he was a boy. He said that he hasn’t been to church in a long time. I told him, “You need to get back into church. Maybe that’s why God had us meet on the bus today”.  He agreed and said he would be there on Sunday. He didn’t show up but I was encouraged that God used me (of all people) to draw this guy back to Him. I’m still hoping he will come.

Another amazing connection is Freddy. Freddy is the interpreter that Compassion International had arranged to help Jake meet with one of his sponsored children while he was here in Arequipa back in October 2011. Scott and Freddy have met several times and he wanted to help the girls in some way. He is an English professor at one of the universities here. He asked if he and some other professors could come to TF and meet with the girls. They have now been coming to TF on a WEEKLY basis to tutor the girls, visit with them,  and give them hope for entering the university when they graduate from high school. Last week the girls filled out a questionnaire to help them discover where their interests lie and what possible careers would fit them.

Most recently, Scott bought some things at the Christian bookstore he frequents and the owner asked about the ministry at TF and gave Scott discounted prices and free tracts for the girls. The owner also asked if he could have his prayer group pray for TF, and then suggested the possibility of them visiting sometime. Scott walked away encouraged. He caught a taxi to return to TF. The taxi driver asked him why he was in Arequipa. For the next 20 minutes they talked about TF. Scott told him how we had moved here to help at a home for girls. He was intrigued at our willingness to move the whole family here to help these girls. He wanted to know all about the ministry,  what we do there, the needs, the ages of the girls, etc. etc. etc. He later mentioned that he owns a clothing store and only drives taxi three days a week. Imagine that, God put them together with such tiny odds.

Today, I was online with a friend who was getting more and more excited as she thought of ways to get people involved with TF. We will both be jotting down our thoughts and then brainstorming some more together.

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