Something “New”…

A new year of volleyball and softball! Luz Marina, Victoria, Diana, Ruth, Delia, and Gabriela are in volleyball.  They are also playing softball along with Milagros, Mayra, Karen Luisa, Xiomara, Elena, and Mayra Estefani. We walk with the girls to the field/court on alternating days and watch as they hone their skills. It’s a lot of walking, but we are glad to follow their sports, as we did with our own kids. On the way home, we pick up the girls taking summer classes. volly 004new stuff 118






We have a “new” ping pong table that  Scott and Micah refurbished with money new stuff 134that was received at Christmas time. The girls are enjoying it, as are we 🙂 Scott used the extra material for shelves in his office and now Micah is building shelves in Pastor Dario’s office from the rest.

The other part of the money received at Christmas time is being used for a week-long trip to a new place vacation spot at the end of January.  Our family will be going along to help as chaperones for the girls. It will be a treat for us to be on the beach again.  Photos will be coming!

We have an opportunity to buy a “new” Landcruiser! new stuff 139It costs $6,000 as is, but after some repair, it will be a little more. We would LOVE to have one again. It’s a 1972 and ours was a 1969 but they are very similar. The only problem is, the lack of funds…  We used all of our money from selling the cars and furniture to make the move (and buy 30 new sets of clothing that were desperately needed for the girls). The Landcruiser isn’t available until the end of February at the earliest, so we’ll see if God supplies the money??? Maybe He’ll show us a better deal on a different one?? We would appreciate your prayers about this.