We had a visit last weekend from Pastor Isaac and his wife, Dora. While Pastor Dario Quintana is the lead pastor of both the Torre Fuerte church and girls home, Pastor Isaac has been the main preaching pastor at the church for the past six years.

ISAACThey have recently announced to the church that they will be leaving this at the end of the month, and moving to the city of Cusco.

They visited us this morning to talk about their call, their positions in Cusco, and the uncertainties that await them. They thought maybe we could relate to their circumstances.

They have been praying for almost a year, feeling that God was telling them that they were finishing their time at the Torre Fuerte church. They have been uncertain where God was sending them next, but began to feel a tug toward the ancient city of Cusco, close to the famous ruins of Machu Picchu.

They have a pastor friend in Cusco, whom they contacted, to discover that his church in Cusco has been praying for a pastoral couple to come along and help them. From what I can understand, the church where they will be serving has had some problems, and their heart is to help restore and rebuild that church.

Of course, a move to a church that is struggling is a move into financial uncertainty. Pastor Isaac is moving his family, not knowing for certain where they will live, or how they will earn enough money to live. But… they feel certain that Cusco is where God wants them, and that God will provide.

So, maybe you who are reading this could be one of the channels God uses to help provide for this family? If you would like to help them in their work in Cusco, please contact us.

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