In this post I want to share a couple of pictures with you; pictures that tell the story of the kind of people we are working with here at the Casa Hogar Torre Fuerte in Arequipa.

P1050626This first picture was taken in the town of Pedregal, where I visited with my friend Jake Beaty from Chelan, along with a translator named Freddy, and Pastor Dario from Torre Fuerte.

Our purpose in Pedregal was to visit a young boy named Abel that Jake sponsors through Compassion International.

It was great to be a part of the first encounter between Abel and Jake. We saw the Compassion Intl. project, Abel’s school, and his house. What made the day all the more special was what happened in the background along the way.

In the picture you can see Freddy on the left, then Abel and Jake, with Pastor Dario between them in the background. Just behind Jake you can also see Abel’s father.

At the house, Pastor Dario let us know that he had some news. As we had walked from place to place, he had been talking with Abel’s dad … who was now ready to accept Jesus! We prayed together and celebrated the answer to that family’s prayers. What a great day this was for Abel.

100_5176 (1024x768)

This next picture tells another story about the people of Torre Fuerte.

While our team from Chelan was here, in the middle of a work day, I was called away from the work  to carry some heavy bags of beans and rice.

The odd thing was that I was asked to put the bags outside, by the street, rather than carrying them to the kitchen, as usual.

As I put the bags down, and went back inside, I found the reason for the strange request. There is young man with Down’s syndrome who hangs around out front each morning. His elderly mother had recently injured her arm, and had it in a sling. Her husband has died, and now she had no way to support herself and her son.

Inside, a couple of the ladies from TF were gathered around her, sharing the Gospel and praying with her. They were taking some of the food that is so needed at TF, and passing it on to someone whose need was even more desperate. And they were seizing the opportunity both to tell and to show someone the love of Jesus.

God has called us to work alongside these people, and we count it a privilege.

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