DSCF2185What a great Church family we have in Chelan! After only five months in Peru, we have a nine person work team here to help the home. Jake, the leader of the group, is accompanied by Lisa, Bonnie, Cheryl, Brittany, Mark, Dustin, Jessica, and Zack.

On their second day here, the team was treated to the cultural lesson of attending a Peruvian wedding and reception. It was a great time, and another event at which Leslie and I were called on to be “padrinos”. Micah and Katie were involved in the ceremony, as well.

DSCF2258On Sunday, we took everyone up to the restaurant on the roof, overlooking the Plaza de Armas, the historic center square of the city. The view is always fantastic, but the sunset that night made it all the more special. For another cultural stretch, several of the team ordered the alpaca steak, while a few really brave souls ordered the cuy … deep fried guinea pig, a delicacy here in Peru.

We’ve had three days of work now, and the team is proving to be very productive and hard-working. It may in fact be a little bit of a challenge to keep them busy the whole time they’re here, because they’re knocking out the projects faster than we had expected. Yeah, we’re pretty happy about that.

These friends have not only brought along a willingness to work, but also a great attitude that’s a pleasure to work with. We’re having a great time together!






One thought on “With a Little Help From My Friends

  1. God bless you all
    and have fun while you enjoy what you can give is all about giving after all because then is when we receive anyways!!!!!
    There is many people locally that I am sure would love to get involved as well
    I belive in Trueque is an Inca concept ancient but it works
    try it !

    Everyone has something to give!


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