DSCF2084The tienda is stocked and opened! Thanks to some great generosity and the hard work of a few others, we were able to make this dream a reality.

Because it was Angie’s dream and sacrifice that got things started, the tienda has been named in her honor: “Comercial Angie”.”

The store was finished and opened just as the new electric poles went in, along with the great new neighborhood improvement of street lights. There is a big new street light just across from the store, so it’s lit up all night, and easy for new customers to find.DSCF2089

Although there aren’t other stores nearby, this little tienda is pretty typical of many others in Arequipa. They are selling water, soda, and juices; snacks and candy; school supplies; and food staples like rice, flour, and sugar.

Many of these small shops try to sell meats, too, and you can tell when you walk by. The smell of raw meat laying out in the open air is anything but appetizing. But “Comercial Angie” features a new refrigerator, so they can sell good fresh meat in a tienda that is a pleasure to enter. Already they are seeing a growing customer base.


Once the floors were tiled, the walls painted, the shelves secured and stocked, and the sign placed on the roof, it was time for a photo of the family in business. Here you can see Liliana and her girls, Katiuska, Angie, and Lisbeth. While Davey works outside of the home, these ladies will work to make the new family tienda a success.

Please continue to pray for this family, and for the continuing work of the Casa Hogar Torre Fuerte, as we work to help the desperate and the shattered to have a new hope and vision for their future.

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