We’re finally here! Pastor Dario has found a great place for us to live. It’s a second floor apartment in a small secured community. We have three bedrooms, two baths, kitchen, and a dining/living area.

Within a few days of being here, we went furniture shopping with the pastor and his wife. Deliveries from the furniture shops are DSCF8037immediate, so we had the stuff in the apartment within a half hour of buying it. Now we have a dining set and living room set. We’re waiting now for delivery of a washer and a fridge. So things are coming together on making a home in Peru.

At the Casa Hogar Torre Fuerte, things are working out well. The kids are picking up the language little by little, and Leslie and I are starting to be able to talk with the girls at a much deeper level.


Katie has really bonded with Delia, and is doing well with the rest of the girls as well. She has taught quite a few of them to make “friendship bracelets”, and they all had fun when she took a day to paint everyone’s fingernails.

The best evidence that Katie is making a good impression came last night, when one of the girls asked Katie to be in her quinceañero. This is quite an honor for a young lady who has only been here for a week.

We’re still new to the whole “living in Peru” thing, but learning. Which bus to take, where to shop, how the cellphone system works, and many other things. I expect to update much more soon, especially after we get internet at our apartment. More pictures and news to come soon!!

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