We Can Do Better

Over the last year or so we’ve heard a number of people comment about how modern and nice the facilities are at Torre Fuerte. The girls there have really found a refuge and a new hope. But it’s important to remember that the conditions at the Torre Fuerte home are very different than those just outside the door.

I’m posting some photos of the surrounding area, as well as photos of some of the areas where our girls have lived. As you view these pictures, you can appreciate the significant advantage the girls now have in nutrition, security, education, and hope for their future. Remember as well that it is not only poverty that has put these girls at risk, but also abuse, incest, neglect, and abandonment.

We’re not certain yet what all of our jobs and responsibilities might be once we arrive in Arequipa, but we’re sure about some of them. We will be surrogate parents, pastoral counselors, spiritual disciplers, English teachers, and tutors. Our primary focus will be the spiritual well being of the girls at Torre Fuerte.

As English speaking US citizens, we will also be an important link to churches, work teams, and other supporters back in the States. That puts me in the awkward position of being a fund-raiser, an area I am neither comfortable with nor good at.

We want to make it clear to all the readers of this blog that the funds raised for the Torre Fuerte girls home and those raised for our family are kept entirely separate, as can be seen on the donate page of this blog. Today we are asking you to help Torre Fuerte.

Springtime is one of those times when we especially need your help to meet expenses of the home. There are two months per year, June and December, when employees receive a significant “bonus”. In the immediately preceding months, employers face this significant added expense. A list of State mandated employee benefits includes this statement:

Seniority Bonus (CTS), as social benefit to face such contingencies as may be originated by the retirement. The deposits for the Seniority bonus (CTS) are made in May and November.
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So, if you have considered contributing to the Torre Fuerte home, this would be a great time to start. It has been a long time since there were any extra funds at the home, and this added expense is a government mandated extra cost.

We are hoping and praying to be able to move forward beyond simply paying the bills. Our dream is to be able to develop vocational programs to train our girls to earn a living when they grow up and leave the home. The initial ideas for training include cooking, business skills, sewing, computer skills, Spanish/English translation, and of course ministry.

With enough support, we can move beyond simply providing for the present, and begin to actively prepare our girls for the future. Your donations can help these girls live a life beyond their dreams. On behalf of the girls, thank you so much for your support!