Janet and Milagros

I’m sorry I didn’t get much posted during our recent trip. There is no internet at the girls’ home for now, and the connection at our hotel was just fast enough to load a few photos on Facebook each night.

Our trip was full of good experiences. We feel we really got to know the dorm mothers much better this time, connected with the kids at a deeper level, and really formed a friendship with Pastor Dario and his wife, Indira.

We helped coach softball, and introduced Twister and Frisbee to the girls. But we also had serious times – explaining our call to Torre Fuerte, sharing stories from

Carmen Rosa

our various church mission trips, reading the Bible together, and helping a few girls work through some difficult encounters with dysfunctional family members.

Of course, one of the highlights of the trip was the double quinceañero for Mónica and Ursula. It was a real cultural learning experience for us. We had a great time celebrating with Mónica especially, and I think I managed to waltz without embarrassing her.

Lisbeth and Karen

As for our family, things are finally coming together for our move to Peru. We have renters coming to Chelan next week, and we have tickets purchased for our trip to Peru on May 8th. We’ll stay with friends in Chelan until March 7th, then drive across the USA and spend some time with family before leaving for Peru in May.

It’s been a long wait, but we’re finally on our way. Throughout our time of waiting, God has been preparing us as well as confirming His call on our lives. Some of you may have been waiting to see that we’re really going to do this before committing to give to the Torre Fuerte home. If that’s the case with you, please… we’re for real, and the girls need your help right now.

Lisbeth, Xiomara, and Elena

The girls go back to school in March. Most of them need new school uniforms and several girls desperately need shoes. All of them will need notebooks and other school supplies. At this point, the monthly income at Torre Fuerte is significantly below what is needed, so months with extra needs are a real difficulty.

We know that our first few months in Peru will be a mixture of adventure and difficulty; fascination and frustration. Please keep our family in prayer as we set up a new home, try to master the language and the culture, and begin to develop our ministry roles among these daughters of the King.

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