The CHTF Softball Team

When we arrived at Torre Fuerte on Saturday morning, Pastor Dario had the girls in a meeting, giving them a pep talk for their softball game that was to take place in just a half an hour. We didn’t know they played baseball in Peru at all, and had no idea that the girls had formed a softball team. They were ready to go, and excited to have us along, so we walked with them to the ball park, probably a mile away.


We were thrilled to see the girls again, and each one made a point of greeting us individually. Of course, among the most excited to see us was Mónica, who is eagerly awaiting her quinceañero on the 5th. It was nice to finally make a connection with Vilma, a painfully shy young lady who finally talked with me on my fourth visit to Peru.
The softball game began with Pastor Dario’s wife, Indira, explaining that Dario was coaching the girls, but doesn’t know the first thing about baseball. The girls’ uniforms consist of matching yellow t-shirts. They don’t have any bats, balls, or mitts to practice with so they shared with the other team. The whole game was pretty much mayhem by American standards, with nobody really understanding the rules. Tatiana lost her shoes on the way to first base, which was good for a laugh for both teams.

Practice back at the Casa Hogar

It looked a little grim at first, as the other team got several runs ahead. Our girls rose to the challenge, and eventually won the game with a score of 18-9. The girls had one especially good inning, and racked up a lot of runs. They also managed to get the ball to first base for a few defensive plays. Ruthi pretty much finished the game with a surprisingly good throw to first as she was falling, clinching the last out.
Sometime during the game, it was decided that the Americans there must be the baseball experts, so I was recruited to help coach. Hahahahahaha. I guess I can help at this level. Maybe.

2 thoughts on “A Game Besides Soccer

  1. That sounds like you all had fun! Just don’t break one of their knuckles throwing the ball at them!…(you do remember right?). Anyway, I’m sure they love it!! Can’t wait to come!!


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