With a Little Help From Peru

Well I’m pretty excited about our new Torre Fuerte presence on Facebook. I’ve posted lots of photos and video, to keep the place interesting, but just the other day Leslie had a great idea. We contacted Pastor Dario, and asked for some fresh input to the site, straight from Torre Fuerte. News, pictures, videos, prayer requests, or stories from the home – really anything that he would like to contribute. Pastor Dario thought this was a great idea, and has committed to posting something every day. He has already posted several videos introducing the girls, and a nice little handmade card from Karen Stefani, one of the little ones at Torre Fuerte.

I will continue to try to promote the site to our Stateside friends, and do my best to keep up with translating the content from Torre Fuerte for our English-only readers. So how do you get there to check it out?  There are several links on the blog, but to keep it simple  …  just click on this:

Thanks 🙂