It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything here, in large part because it’s so much easier to find things to write about when I’m actually in Peru. But some things have been happening here in the States that will have a significant impact on the Torre Fuerte home.

With the withdrawal of one of the supporting ministries nearly a year ago, the other ministries involved with Torre Fuerte have had to step up and work overtime to try to keep the home in good shape financially. This is not an easy task, especially with the economy being such a great concern right now.

The most ambitious, gifted, and effective fund raiser we have has been Paul Eklund, of Lightshine Ministries in Winthrop, WA. He has spent much of the past year laboring for TF.

Out of all of those who are reaching out to help the ministry of Torre Fuerte, Paul is by far the most conversant in Spanish, and consequently has been the main contact person between Pastor Dario in Peru, and the various ministries here.

In the last several weeks, Paul has been having some serious health issues, which are forcing him step back and pass the baton. I want to pause here, and ask you to pray for Paul – would you do that right now?

Because of our plans for long term ministry at Torre Fuerte, and our continuing efforts to learn the language, the responsibility has fallen to us. I have been asked to be the primary contact between Torre Fuerte and the ministries which support it.

With the help of internet communications, this is something which is possible whether we’re here in the States or in Peru. While no one has said so directly, I am also aware that someone will have to take up the slack in raising funds for Torre Fuerte.

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been working on websites that I hope will make this effort possible both here in the States and while we’re in Peru.

I recently started a Facebook “fan page” for Torre Fuerte. You can see it here. Make sure you find the “like” button so you’ll see when the page is updated. I am hoping that some of the features there will help us build support for our girls.

There are lots of pictures of the girls, and a page of links to everything TF related that I am aware of on the web . I would especially ask you to check out two things on that page.

First, there is finally the option of donating to Torre Fuerte using Paypal. This is a secure and discreet way of supporting the girls. Links are provided for either a one time donation, or a commitment to support the home monthly at various levels.

Second, I would like to point you to the “Invite!” tab, and ask you to help us reach others by making that little box a part of your gift to Torre Fuerte for awhile.

For some reason, you are limited to 12 invitations per day. Would you help us spread the word about Torre Fuerte, by taking the time to invite 12 friends per day, until you’ve exhausted your list?

My goal is to build a very large network of support, through donors that are asked only to give a little. While we would obviously accept more, we’re only asking for $25 per month. I hope we can find hundreds of people who will do that.

Finally, I have recently updated our blog with an accurate roster of girls, and a short bio on each of them. If you’ve read this far, you’re obviously one who cares about these dear kids. Thank you for your prayers, your help, and your support!

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