It’s been a busy few days. Leslie and I have begun the transition from playful visitors to adults with a measure of authority here. That’s a tough transition for the girls to accept, especially when it happens while the pastors here, the “Mommy and Daddy” for all of the girls, are away on vacation. It’s been a little strain on some of the relationships, but progress nonetheless.

Overall, our two weeks here have been a lot of fun, a real blessing, and more confirmation that this is where God wants us. Many have mentioned that we look at home here, and we really feel that way. We have been trying to look at the area with the eyes of potential locals, rather than as tourists.

For the most part, the girls have a lot of fun here, and it is a happy and safe place for them. There are, of course, the times of conflict between girls, girls disobeying and facing punishment, and just having the fun get out of control. But Torre Fuerte feels like a family, and we feel privileged to be accepted as new members.

Oh my … as I sit here writing, with the pastor’s son in my lap, I realize how much we need to work on our Spanish. I was just corrected by a two year old.

We’re going out to dinner with Pastor Dario and Indira tonight, and the tearful goodbyes will be after that. Micah graduates from language school tomorrow, and we’ll go to the airport from there.

The girls keep asking when we will make the move to Arequipa. Please join us praying for an answer to that question, as we wait for our house to sell.

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