Sharing the beads

Yesterday was finally the time to hand out the regalos, or gifts. We had brought some things down for the girls, and many others had asked if they could send something with us. We ended up with a plastic footlocker full of gifts for the girls.

Stickers, hairbands, rubber balls, school folders, beads, balloons … simple gifts in the states, but gifts that bring squeals of delight here among the girls of Torre Fuerte. Soon the girls were playing Uno with Leslie, stringing beads, and dividing the spoils.

A little later we took several girls into the office to privately share with them the gifts sent by their “padrinos”, or godparents. The opportunity to see the girls’ smiles as they received all of these gifts was a gift to us. We wish that all of the generous givers could have been here to participate in the party.

One thought on “¡Regalos!

  1. How sweet, I love this! TRUE appreciation that these girls have; breaks my heart and makes me so happy at the same time:)


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