Our travel adventure went from bad to worse. We arrived in Orlando to find that pre-paying for “2 bags each” on Spirit airlines actually means “1 bag each, round trip”. Ugh. It’s a good thing our oldest son lives there, and was able to come and pick up two pieces of luggage for us.

But that’s not the end of it. When we finally got on the plane to Lima, with a short stopover in Ft. Lauderdale, the lightning started … and the plane didn’t. We waited for the storm to pass over, and it lasted longer than our layover in Ft. Lauderdale, so everyone going to Lima was called off the plane. Since there’s only one flight per day to Lima, we now had a chance to spend some time with our son and daughter in law.

Anais and Rosa

That night was spent scrambling – we had to make new arrangements for a hotel in Lima, change our flight to Arequipa, and contact everyone who was expecting us both in Lima and Arequipa, to tell them we would be a whole day late. Thanks to Ines and Patricia, great friends in Lima, everything was arranged, and came together perfectly.

We were able to meet with both Anais and Rosa, two girls who are no longer at Torre Fuerte. We had a nice visit with them, and had lunch together at the mall.

We brought some small gifts for each of these girls, including Spanish New Testaments. It was great to see these two again. I hope and pray that things go well with them, and that we can continue to see them in the future.

The next day, we finally arrived in Arequipa. Our son Micah was the first  face we recognized in the crowd, and later we were greeted by Pastor Dario and his wife Indira outside. They took us to our hotel to drop off our things, and then to our ultimate desination, Torre Fuerte.

Rosa Janeth and Leonor

It was pretty quiet at first, since everyone was indoors due to what they consider cold weather. But within minutes, we where swarmed with kids – me reuniting with the girls I have grown to love so much, and Leslie finally getting to meet them in person. She had seen their pictures, and even talked with them using Skype, but now she was actually meeting them. I think the fact that she knows all of their names already means a lot to them. They have welcomed her with open arms and now Leslie has many new little friends.

Okay, time to head for church. More pictures and stories to come!

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