Our visit to Peru got a little bit of a  rough start, with a long, long wait in Portland. We’re flying standby to Orlando, which saves us a bunch of money, but runs the risk of not actually getting on a flight. We’ve done this many times before without a problem, but yesterday we were bumped from every flight from 6am to 6pm, finally getting a flight to phoenix (anywhere but Portland at that point) at 8pm. We spent last night in the airport.

We had given ourselves an extra day of travel, just in case. Good thing. We’ll have a short time with our son in Orlando, but I’m writing this in the Kansas City airport, holding boarding passes to Orlando – so thank the Lord we’re still going to Peru.

We’ll fly in to Lima on Wednesday night, spend part of Thursday with some friends there, and then fly to Arequipa Thursday afternoon. We hope and expect to see everyone at Torre Fuerte on Thursday. Please, keep us in prayer, and we’ll keep you posted.

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