It’s time to go back to Peru, back to Arequipa, back to Torre Fuerte. This time, Leslie goes with me, for her first experience in Peru. Following the prompting of a good friend, we prayed and talked and thought about a visit to Peru. The house selling is going reeeeaaaaaalllllly slow, so keeping our connection there is important. Plus I miss the kids terribly.

We’ll head for Peru at the end of next month, and spend a couple of weeks there. It will be a good time to reconnect, as well as work on our Spanish skills. There will be no other English speakers around, except for the owner of the hotel where we’ll stay in Arequipa. I’m excited for the opportunity for my wife to get to know Pastor Dario and Indira, as well as all of the girls.

Our son, Micah, has been in Arequipa for about a month, working with Extreme Nazarene. He’s had a very busy month there building up to the big “Love Extreme” event of last Saturday. We are excited to see how he has been able to establish a connection between Extreme Nazarene and the Torre Fuerte home. We are pretty excited, of course, about getting the chance to see our son during our visit.

We’ll bring a camera, and I’ll be updating the blog far more often during our trip, so watch for it. Oh, and by the way, for those of you who have been praying for us regarding the sale of our home … after a long spell with no activity whatsoever, we’ve now had two couple look at our home in two days. Keep praying!

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